Can I trade on

No. You can not trade on BestAltcoinInfo. However we are part of the partner program of Litebit.

Litebit is a broker which also offers an online wallet.
A great advantage of Litebit is that you can trade with Litebit credits.
LiteBit credits is an internal payment method used to limit transaction costs and payment times. When using credits, no extra transaction costs are added to your order, and your payment is always instant. 
If you have multiple sell orders it is recommended to be paid out in credits.

The benefits of LiteBit credits
 Fast transaction times.
- No transaction costs and wait times when ordering.
- Received LiteBit credits from sell orders can be directly used for buy orders.
- For withdrawing LiteBit credits received from multiple sell orders you only pay a single bank fee.

Step 1: Create an account at (at the top right of the website: create new account)
Step 2: After you create an account, you must activate your account. Litebit will sent you an e-mail with instructions
Step 3: You can start buyin coins. You can buy more coins, when you verify your account in multiple steps

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