Scam coins

Almost every day new coins pop up. They are quite easy to make. Most of them are just clones but with a different name and look but no real added value to similar coins. They are created in order to make the creator rich. It is hard to say which coin really is a scam but you have to look at least to the following:

  • Is the developer actively developing?
  • Are they active on forums and offer support?
  • Do they have a roadmap and do they achieve their goals?
  • Trading volume?
  • Huge pre-mining? It is difficult to say, but it could be used for development as well.

A lot of coins are working according to the PONZI SCHEME. This scheme is a fraudulent set up in the investor’s world. Old investors receive money from new investors. This system has a chance of success as long there are new investors.

Below you can find coins which were recently removed by brokers. This doesn’t mean directly that they are all scam coins. Some coins are removed because there is (almost) no trading volume. In our opinion this could say that development has been stopped or they’re not actively promoting the coins anymore.

If you find your coin on our list and you think otherwise, please contact us!

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