Terms & Conditions

Article 1: General
The General terms and conditions of subscriptions are applicable to all offers and quotations of Best Altcoin Info, as well as all subscription agreements between Best Altcoin Info and a subscriber. General terms and conditions of the subscriber, or any other terms and conditions are not applicable. Without prior written permission of Best Altcoin Info the subscriber is not entitled to rights or obligations of the subscriber agreement to share information with any third party. Best Altcoin Info is entitled to change these General terms and Conditions of Subscriptions. The amended General terms and Conditions of Subscriptions will be in place of the present from the date of publication.

Article 2: Definitions
The natural person or legal entity whom Best Altcoin Info connects a subscription.

Each price offer by Best Altcoin Info by means of publication on BestAltcoinInfo.com or in any other manner or whatsoever, that is not specifically intended for a certain subscriber, and that, by means of written notification, or notification on the internet can be accepted.

Subscription agreement:
Any agreement between Best Altcoin Info and a subscriber, the subscriber is entitled to gain acces during the duration of the contract to the whole or any part of the website BestAltcoinInfo.com and/or other editorial products of Best Altcoin Info.

Subscription prices:
The price of the subscription referred in article 3 of these General terms and Conditions of Subscriptions.

Article 3: Prices, commencement and duration
All offers and quotations of the Best Altcoin Info are always once, non-binding and are valid throughout the mentioned period.
Best Altcoin Info is entitled to increase its prices. Possible price increases, will start on the next term of the subscriber agreement. Any increase of the subscription prices will be mentioned in advance.
The prices mentioned in the offers of the Best Altcoin Info, are automatically converted to the value of the chosen cryptocurrency which can be chosen during the registration procedure. Cryptocurrency prices could differ from realtime prices.
The converted cryptocurrency price is valid for 4 hours. After receiving the amount of cryptocurrency to the specified wallet receiving address, the account will be activated.
The subscription is a fact after receiving a confirmation by e-mail. The subscriber agreement is entered into for the predetermined duration.
The agreement will automatically be terminated upon the expiry of the subscription deadline and will not be automatically renewed.
When the subscriber agreement expires the subscriber will be notified well in advance.

Article 4: Payment
Payment takes place by means of an online payment with a Best Altcoin Info selected choice of cryptocurrency. Payment takes place in accordance with the chosen cryptocurrency by the subscriber.
If the subscriber decides to cancel their subscription, no refunds are permitted for the remaining duration.
Be aware that payments with cryptocurrency could bring extra costs, related to fluctuations in the value of the cryptocurrency, for which we are not responsible and/or accountable for.

Article 5: Delivery and withdrawal rights
Best Altcoin Info will take the utmost care in order for timely and correct delivery. Best Altcoin Info reserves the right, at any time they wish, to change the product in terms of content, form or frequency of distribution.
The supply of digital content is made available directly after the payment.
By doing a payment at Best Altcoin Info you give permission for direct access to digital content and relinquish the right of withdrawal.

Complaints or suggestions can be made by e-mail: info@bestaltcoininfo.com

Best Altcoin Info takes the utmost care to ensure the accuracy, completeness, reliability, timeliness of the information on the website. However, we can't guarantee the content accuracy, completeness, reliability or timeliness of that information.

Article 6: BestAltcoinInfo.com
The right to gain access to the products of BestAltcoinInfo.com and to make use of the information given on the website is for personal use only and can not be transferred, rented or in any other manner shared with third parties. Person who are not meant by "third parties" are: natural persons who belong to the family/householding of the subscriber, who use the website for personal, non-commercial purposes only.

Best Altcoin Info can fulfil its commitment in respect of the internet service if the Subscriber has the necessary, appropriate computer and peripherals and software. The risk in respect of sufficiant quality, performance, and accuracy, of connections and the retrieved information is at the subscriber.
Best Altcoin Info does not grant any warranty regarding unauthorized use, absence of barriers, absence of retention rights, non-infringement of third party intellectual property rights, uninterrupted or error-free access to Best Altcoin Info.com, or any other warranty not expressly contained in these Terms and Conditions Subscriptions are included.
Best Altcoin Info will maintain and secure the website with care. However, it can not guarantee that there may in no way be damage to subscriber hardware or software by third-party programming that is spread beyond the will and science of Best Altcoin Info over the Internet.
The subscriber is responsible for the security of his hardware and software against the above-mentioned risks.

The subscriber must refrain from any use of BestAltcoinInfo.com that is unlawful or harmful to the interests of Best Altcoin Info, suppliers, service providers or other users of BestAltcoinInfo.com
In particular, the Subscriber will not use Best Altcoin Info in a manner that could disable, overburden, compromise, or impair Best Altcoin Info or its associated networks, or which could adversely affect the user experience of any BestAltcoinInfo.com user.

Article 7: Risks
Investing involves risks. Visitors, readers and subscribers of Best Altcoin Info are responsible for the way they use the information provided and the published investment ideas. Information and ideas are by no means an offer or investment advice from Best Altcoin Info, its editors and other internal and external employees. Information and ideas are by no means a substitute for expert advice.
Visitors, readers and subscribers are supposed to ascertain to what extent investment ideas are valuable and fit within their risk profile and investment objectives.
Best Altcoin Info is not responsible for any losses due to the acquisition of investment ideas at BestAltcoinInfo.com.

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